Repairs for Municipalities

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Repairs for Municipalities

Small Hole Technology

18″ coring unit mounted on a Service Vacuum truck. This is a small unique vacuum truck with a 4 cyd body. It has pipe bedding material and select item #4 in two 2 yard hoppers. Air compressor, sand blaster plus a wide variety of long handle pneumatic tools to perform many tasks are included. In addition to the air lance to break up soil, there is also high pressure hot water that allows us to cut through soil.

Valve Box Replacement

  1. Job Completed In 2 Hourscurb_box_finished
  2. Work All Winter
  3. Road Shut Down 1 Time
  4. Limit Your Liability: No cold patch, emergency call outs for recold patch, no damaged cars, no injury

Water Corporation Cut-off

If you need to shut off or cut off a water service line at the main or corporation valve we have all the necessary tooling to core 18″diameter up to 23″ deep materials. (ie: asphalt, concrete, rebar and cobblestone). We set the core to the side, and vacuum excavate down to the main valve. The long handle tools shut off corporation valves ranging from 1/2″-2″ pnumatically cut copper, remove flare fitting and install blank. We reinstall flare, backfill and replace core.

  • We are able to work all winter (no asphalt required)
  • The core is heated and cured in 45 minutes after which you can drive on it
  • Over 5000 cores reinstalled to date with zero failures